Ricefields Swim Club Rules and Regulations

The Ricefields Homeowners Association Swim Club is a privately-owned recreational area that is funded by annual assessments from property owners. The Ricefields Board of Directors administers Pool Rules and Regulations, while day to day management of the pool and functional components is the responsibility of Carolina Aqua Clear. Below are the rules and regulations for the Ricefields Swim Club, as approved by the Ricefields Board of Directors.

General Information

1. Pool Season runs from the 3rd Saturday in April thru October 15 (weather permitting.)

2. The pool will be open for use daily during the pool season from 9am until 9pm.

3. No lifeguards are on duty at any time and all residents and guests swim at their own risk.

4. Resident Pool Fobs are required and must be presented upon request. Pool fobs are non-transferable and may be obtained by contacting Kathy Bishop at 843-457-3325 (with owner/resident forms completed).

5. Surveillance cameras are positioned around the Swim Club property. These cameras are in place to ensure residents' safety when utilizing the pool area. All data is transmitted to a server in the Pool House and remains there until reviewed by members of the Ricefields Board of Directors, as a result of an incident or resident request.

6. All guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times while utilizing the pool.

7. In accordance with State regulations, children 13 years of age or younger must be accompanied by an adult when utilizing the pool.

8. All resident children between the ages of 14 and 18 are limited to one guest when utilizing the pool.

9. The Kiddie Pool is intended to be used by small children who cannot swim, and priority of use should be given to those children under 5 years of age.

10. Children who are not toilet trained must wear appropriate swim diapers when utilizing both the Kiddie Pool and Main Pool. No diapers are allowed in pool trash cans.

11. Conventional bathing suit attire must be worn when utilizing the pool. No cutoffs allowed.

12. Radios are allowed in the Swim Club area but their volume must be kept low to avoid disturbing other residents.

13. Flotation devices are permitted, provided that they do not interfere with other pool users or create an unsafe environment. No floats over 4 feet are allowed.

14. Food and beverages are allowed on the pool deck but are prohibited in the pool. All spills should be cleaned up immediately to avoid staining the pool deck. All trash must be removed and disposed of in the provided trash receptacles. No glass allowed.

15. All personal items should be collected and removed upon leaving the pool area. Items that are left behind may be placed in the Lost and Found Area, located above the First Aid Station.

16. Tables, chairs, and chaises are available for use along the pool deck. If moved, please return any tables, chairs, or chaises to their original location prior to leaving the Swim Club. Please do not move the tables with umbrellas to avoid damaging the umbrella anchoring device or the pool deck.

17. Restroom facilities for both males and females are available and should be utilized with courtesy to others. Only toilet paper should be flushed in toilets, all other personal items should be disposed of in the provided trash receptacles.

Prohibited Items and Activities

1. No glass of any kind is permitted inside of the Swim Club, Pool Deck, or pool.

2. No animals are permitted within the Swim Club. All animals are prohibited from entering the Main Pool and Kiddie Pool.

3. No smoking and No vaping is allowed on the Pool Deck or within the pool area. Smoking is permitted in the pool parking lot.

4. Barbeque grills are not authorized inside of the fenced-in area or on the pool deck, except during private parties.

5. Running on the pool deck is strictly prohibited and could result in serious injury.

6. No diving is allowed due to the depth of the pool.

7. Standing on or jumping from pool furniture is prohibited.

8. Pool furniture is to remain on the pool deck and is not permitted to be used within the Main Pool or Kiddie Pool.

9. Water hoses along the pool deck are intended to assist with rinsing and clean up, as needed, and shall not be sprayed into the pools or utilized for horseplay.


1. A 9-1-1 accessible landline telephone is located in the pool house adjacent to the female restroom. The address for the Ricefields Swim Club is 62 Shelburne Lane, Pawleys Island, SC.

2. A First Aid Kit is located on the outside wall of the pool house under the clock. The box is white with a red cross on the exterior.

3. Swimmer rescue equipment can be accessed from the fence that parallels Old Barge Drive.

4. In the event of severe weather such as thunder and lightning, residents should vacate the pools and Swim Club area.

5. All residents are responsible for ensuring that the Swim Club is utilized in a safe manner at all times.

6. Underwater lighting will be utilized during pool hours, after dusk, in accordance with State regulation.

7. Utilizing the pool during closed hours will be considered trespassing and subject to prosecution with local authorities.

Swim Club Closing Volunteers

1. Resident volunteers are solicited on an annual basis to assist with closing the Swim Club each evening throughout the season.

2. Duties of Swim Club Closing Volunteers Include:

• Rotations are a week long beginning on Sunday and ending on Saturday. Residents may volunteer for multiple weeks.
• Arrive at the Swim Club for closing at the designated time each day during your rotation.
• Ensure that all tables are in their appropriate place, chairs are pushed under tables, umbrellas are in the down position, and chaises are in the upright position.
• Ensure that all restrooms, male and female, toilets are flushed and lights are turned off. Lock and secure restroom doors.
• Ensure that the pump room and electrical room doors are locked and secured. • Retrieve any items left on the pool deck and place them in the Lost and Found area, located above the First Aid Station.
• Discard any trash found on the pool deck in the trash receptacles.
• Lock and secure the entry gate to the pool deck.

3. Swim Club Volunteers should report any issues to Jennifer Zellner at 843-630-2012.

4. Being a Swim Club Volunteer is a great way to assist the neighborhood, especially if your family utilizes the Swim Club often.


Pool Parties

Ricefields pool QR code

Use the QR code & your smartphone camera to link to the form & contacts for scheduling your Ricefields Pool Parties. 

Or Use Link Here

1. Private party reservations are available by contacting Jennifer Zellner at 843-630-2012.

2. A $15 per hour fee is required for all private parties, with a 2 hour party minimum.

3. It is preferred that all reservations be made no less than one week prior to a private party.

4. Private parties are not permitted on holidays or weekends.
• Holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day
• Weekends: Friday 6:00 p.m. – Sunday

5. Barbeque grills are permitted on the pool deck during private parties. Extreme caution should be exercised when utilizing barbeque grills and any damages will be the responsibility of the reserving resident.

6. For children’s parties ages 16 years or younger, a minimum of one adult per 10 children is required.

7. Reserving residents are responsible for ensuring that all guests exercise safe and acceptable behavior during private parties.

8. Reserving residents are responsible for removing all trash from the pool deck that accumulates as a result of a private party.

9. Dates for private pool party closings will be posted in the signature box at the pool gate and on the Ricefields Community Bulletin on Facebook.