Golf Carts

In South Carolina, operators must have a driver’s license, and the carts must be registered and insured. The authority for this can be found in the S.C. Code of Laws, Title 56, Chapter 3, Section 3. While the maintenance of Ricefields’ roads rests with the    P.O.A., we have an agreement with the Georgetown County Sherriff that allows for the enforcement of traffic laws, including the one affecting Golf Carts. Therefore, tickets can be issued.

The threat of a ticket aside, there is bigger concern for parents who allow underage children to operate the carts. In law, there is a concept called “Deliberate Indifference”. As it applies to golf carts, if a parent allows a non-licensed person to operate a cart and injury/damage occurs, the parent is liable. This is in addition to the moral issue of being responsible for injury/damage. Settlements in lawsuits involving injury to children are quite large.


Ricefields is a family community and has many children. The board has made every effort to make our roads as safe as possible. We have added STOP signs and additional streetlights where needed. However, there are some drivers that ignore the STOP signs and speed through the community. In addition, there are younger drivers, whether residents or guests, who have “peeled out” on Mill Creek Dr. stripping off the recently applied road sealer. This resealing project was not inexpensive and these tire marks detract from the community. Please discuss these issues with your entire family and any visiting friends.