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Photographs on this page are courtesy of Ricefields residents.
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Water Aerobics at the Pool
Photos compliments of Marla Stroupe.

Each summer, water aerobics classes, led by experienced fitness instructors (pictured is Darcy Kent), are held two or three mornings a week at the Ricefields community pool. In addition to the workout, itís a great way to meet your neighbors.

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The Green Team

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Chick-fil-A Day at the Pool
Photos compliments of Marla Stroupe

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We Got Snow!
During the evening of February 12, 2010
Ricefields received approximately 5" of snow,
the first measurable snowfall in over 10 years.

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Ricefields 50's Night - October 9, 2009
Attendees enjoyed pizza and a video presenting
bands singing some of the greatest hits of the 1950's
Photos compliments of Marla Stroupe

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Kayaking the Waccamaw River
Visiting family members of Ricefields resident Linda Beale were
recently treated to a kayak tour of the Waccamaw River,
led by Ricefields resident Mary Gale Budzisz

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